Podpora Evropské asociace ESTA v České republice

ESTA support for Czech member association Čestand
October 2, 2023
ESTA Director Ton Klijn and Section Transport Vice President Iffet Türken spoke at the annual meeting of Czech abnormal transport association Čestand in September to support its discussions with the Czech authorities on new rules on heavy transport escorts and permits.
The meeting was attended by over 40 delegates and was held in the Bohemian town of Zichovech on September 21. It also discussed the development of new fuels such as hydrogen for the European transport industry, the proposed new European rules on vehicle emissions and the development of General Conditions for Čestand association members.
Ton Klijn highlighted ESTA’s work on improving safety, trying to harmonize European standards and lobbying on behalf of members to ensure that the plethora of new regulations emanating from the European Commission are sensible and practical.
Speaking after the meeting, Ton Klijn said: “It was an excellent and interesting exchange of views. ESTA is pleased to assist Čestand and its members in any way we can, both to help the association develop and in its discussions with the Czech authorities and regulators.
“For example, Čestand’s members might consider using ESTA’s own General Conditions as the starting point for their own discussions on the subject.”
In a seminar run alongside Čestand’s formal annual meeting, delegates heard a presentation from the Czech Ministry of Transport on the new legislation on the permitting of abnormal transport and a speech by a senior officer from the Traffic Police Service on the recently implemented escorting rules for abnormal transports.
They also heard an online speech from Iffet Türken, ESTA’s Section Transport Vice-President who emphasised the importance of Europe-wide cooperation to achieve improved conditions for the heavy transport industry.
Ton Klijn concluded: “We look forward to continuing our support and hope to see Čestand well represented at ESTA’s autumn meeting in Rome later this month.”
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