About us

The ČESTAND association represents Czech heavy and oversize transporters and associated suppliers that play a key role in this highly specialized segment of transport. Currently, the association consists of 14 members. The supreme body is the Board of the association, whose chairman Mr. Jiří Tůma and vice-chairman Mr. Michal Růžička act on behalf of the association. The association is a member of The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA).

Purpose and goals of the association

The purpose of the association is:
   • to improve transport conditions of heavy and oversize transports,
   • to ensure quality and safety standards of provided services,
   • to create fair business relations among its members and to customers.

In order to fulfil the purpose, the members are bound by a moral codex.

The main activities of the association are:
   • to support the development and prosperity of heavy and oversized transports,
   • to take legislative measures against discrimination of heavy and oversized transports in relation to other sectors of the economy,
   • to be a strong partner to the authorities and institutions.

The goal of the association is to provide high-quality heavy and oversize transports in a reliable, safe and efficient way.